Beretta Spring Summer I Беретта Весна — Лето 2011

Beretta Spring Summer I Беретта Весна - Лето 2011

Это спортивные шотганы от Беретта 2011, каталог одежды и аксессуаров от Беретта для Америки на Весну-Лето 2011, и так далее. Что такое Беретта, думаю, никому обьяснять не нужно. Если что-то понадобится еще — все есть на офсайте. Кстати, в рождественскую распродажу Беретта по всему миру дарила покупателям фирменные подарки от Беретта с оружейной графировкой (сувениры, аксессуары, ножи, снаряжение,…). Не получали? Ну, значит, осело у диллера, что в России не новость.

At the core of Beretta is a passion. And it’s why we have endured for nearly 500 years. Because of one purpose. One passion.

Beretta USA United States, Accokeek MD

Beretta USA Founded in 1977, Beretta U.S.A. currently employs about 300 employees in its production facility in Accokeek, Maryland and in its warehouse in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Beretta U.S.A. also operates two Beretta retail stores in the United States, one located at 718 Madison Avenue in New York City and the other found in the Highland Park Shopping Center in Dallas, Texas.





Five hundred years of craftsmanship and tradition go into every shotgun Beretta builds. Nowhere is this more evident than in their celebrated over-and-unders, shotguns many consider the strongest and most reliable in the world. A Beretta over-and-under can rightly be considered an heirloom and inspires a fierce and loyal following. One faithful shooter has more than 700,000 documented rounds fired through his 687 EELL Sporting; both gun and shooter are still going strong.


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