SAKO — 90 — Tikka T3 — 90th Anniversary Rifles — SOUL & BODY

SAKO - 90 - Tikka T3 - 90th Anniversary Rifles - SOUL & BODY

SAKO лишний раз российскому охотнику представлять нет никакого смысла, потому что это для американца это "новости", а для нас это чуть ли не "за забором" и уже почти сотню лет. Так что здесь я расположил презентацию для Америки Тикка Т3 и юбилейные ружья от САКО.

SOUL & BODY Combining Performance with Value

Tikka T3 is manufactured by Finnish rifle manufacturer Sako. For 80 years, Sako has manufactured rifles, cartridges, and equipment that are intelligent, functional and reliable. Situated in Riihimäki, Finland, the Sako factories combine modern technology with tradition and craftsmanship. As a symbol of the deep-ingrained Finnish love of functionality and quality, Sako products deliver unwavering accuracy and performance in all situations. With its unique performance, convenience, and out-of-the-box accuracy, Tikka T3 brings a great addition to Sako’s rifle selection. Capitalizing on Sako’s long gunmaking traditions, Tikka T3 has managed to combine craftmanship with the requirements of modern hunters.

90th Anniversary Rifles

Sako brings a sixth action to the 85 bolt action hunting rifles, increasing the selection of upper end calibers. The 90th Anniversary rifles are all Safari Grade, however 10 will feature individually engraved actions. Three of these will be sold by auction during the world’s most important annual firearms trade shows: The SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the SCI Show in Reno, and the IWA Show in Nurnberg. Six guns will be sold exclusively by Beretta Galleries (one gun each), and one will remain in Sako’s manufacturer´s showroom, in Riihimäki, Finland. All 10 of these rifles are made in .450 Rigby Rimless caliber.

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