Mauser Rifles — Каталоги оружия Маузер

Mauser Rifles - Каталоги оружия Маузер

Not only are Mauser hunting rifles legendary, they are also all original pieces, even the newer models. The Mauser philosophy has always been unique and inimitable, and it remains so today. Reliable, state-of-the-art firearms technology underpins both the solid one-piece steel structures and the Mauser double square bridge, whilst the design and engineering are down to exceptional inventive talent. The immortal Mauser M 98 is still produced from the original drawings, but can now also draw on the latest advances in production technology. It will undoubtedly remain one of the most popular big game rifles ever. The new Mauser M 03 hunting bolt action rifle combines proven Mauser quality with functional innovation and is, quite simply, in a league of its own. The long-standing Mauser tradition synonymous with sturdy, authentic products lives on.

Mauser Brothers & Co. Weapons Factory, Oberndorf

Following significant structural changes, a preliminary decision is made in favor of the Mauser rifle with the provisional title "Model 1871 (M/71)". Range is increased with this rifle from 800 m to 1800 m and a higher penetration capacity is also achieved.
Further improvements follow with the sample rifle presented ultimately being commissioned as the infantry rifle, Model 1871 (M/71), and its introduction being ordered for the re-arming of the infantry of the collected armies of the German Empire (with the exception of Bavaria).

Mauser Hunting Catalogue 2010 Print version for Download (8.6 MB)

M03 Stutzen — Whatever you desire. Print version for Download (0.6 MB)

M03 Alpine and M03 Trail Flyer  Print version for Download (2.4 MB)

Brochure M 03/M 98 24 Pages   Print version for Download (11.1 MB)

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