African Diver Issue 16

Очередной номер "Африканского дайвера" демонстрирует нам что недавние изменения в журнале были не случайностью, а тенденцией. Так что можно ожидать что со временем это необычное издание еще больше разовьется и станет более чем ежемесячной брошюрой PADI-центра Йоханнесбурга.

Андрей Шалыгин: Про этот журнал я уже рассказывал ранее. Этот номер отличается от предыдущих тем что: In this issue we celebrate the life of PADI Platinum Course director, Witold Smilowski, who passed away quietly on Tuesday, 29 March. He touched the lives of many scuba divers all over the world and it’s our honour to remember his life work in our magazine. Witold loved diving and he would have loved Aaron Gekoski’s article on Doctor Simon Pierce’s work with Whale Sharks in Mozambique. Likewise he would have loved reading Jon Wright’s story on the wreck of the Klipfontein, which lies in Mozambique waters and well within range of the average technical diver. Georgina Jones celebrates our Cape Fur seals and DAN launch their new HIRA program. We finish with a portfolio of one of South Africa’s celebrated underwater photographers – Geoff Spiby. We hope you enjoy this issue and that it inspires you to get out there and dive. А еще у них появился художник и куча спонсоров.


African Diver South Africa, Johannesburg is a free online diving magazine focussed on all types of diving in Africa. The first issue is now available for download or, if you prefer, you can download sections of the first issue. We welcome contributions, enquiries and feedback. Our hope for is that it is relevant, thought provoking and positive. While this issue has a distinctly Southern African feel to it, future issues will include contributions from other diving places in Africa. We celebrate everything that African diving has to offer and we want you to, as well. Please visit our website often, email us at and subscribe to be notified when issues are available for download. Spread the word, dive the seas and may your bubbles always be free.



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